Henrietta Lacks' genome to be open to all

日期:2018-01-14 01:00:33 作者:向吊 阅读:

IT’S been a long time coming. Justice has been served for the woman whose cancerous cells have fuelled biomedical investigation for decades. In 1951, researchers collected tissue samples from Henrietta Lacks without her permission and the “HeLa” cell line has become one of the most commonly used in medicine. In March, the HeLa genome was published but then withdrawn after complaints from her family. The family have now agreed to make the genome available, but requests for access will have to be reviewed and a credit must be given to Lacks and her family. A separate study out this week reveals that Lacks was infected with human papillomavirus. It is likely that this caused the aggressive cervical cancer that led to her death (Nature, DOI: 10.1038/nature12064). This article appeared in print under the headline “Cell dispute settled” More on these topics: