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Asteroid pinpointed as likely source of Russian meteor The parent of the Chelyabinsk meteor, which exploded over Russia earlier this year, may have been a known rock cluster that could pose a future threat What are the options for right-to-die campaigners? This week, two severely paralysed men received the verdicts in their right-to-die cases at the UK’s Court of Appeal. New Scientist unpicks the issues Super-supernovae spell trouble for dark energy Some obscenely bright stellar explosions are undermining our attempts to work out why the universe is accelerating Any cellphone can be traced by its digital fingerprint Slight differences in cellphone components give every handset an unalterable secret signature – that offers a simple way to track them Giant clouds of lead glimpsed on distant dwarf stars A lead balloon is a metaphor for something unpopular, but giant clouds of the heavy metal are helping to boost a theory of star evolution Earth in miniature: Tour a mini-world under glass Back in the 1980s,